“Watch the Debates”

SALT LAKE CITY – Every little thing Sasha Issenberg has written about this campaign has been a must. See also: His wrap of the Newt campaign in Florida. After the main revelation, that the Tofflerian meta-campaign spun to reporters didn’t really exist, there’s this:

By the time Gingrich opened his Central Florida office in Orlando on Jan. 13, Romney had been diligently accumulating votes for weeks.  Gingrich’s campaign had no micro-targeting program, relying on its automated survey calls to identify Republican voters in the state and pinpoint their first and second choice candidates in the race. Those who had marked themselves undecided were put in a queue to receive a live call from a volunteer.  Their scripts had a simple message for voters who affirmed they were still undecided: Watch the debates. Callers recited times and channels—“It’s on CNN tomorrow night at 8”—as though they were reciting broadcast promos for the cable networks. 

1) Really? 2) There are no more debates until February 22. 3) If this is the level of organization in the caucus states, Gingrich may not even score delegates with proportional representation, even though he’s in Nevada all week. 4) Really?