Veterans for Ron Paul, Turning Their Backs on Obama

photo (14) Shortly before 3 p.m., they arrived at the White House, presented colors, and turned their backs. Dozens of military veterans who support Ron Paul’s presidential campaign rallied in D.C. today, answering a call by the libertarian pundit/Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh to prove that Paul is the “choice of the troops.” This year, as in 2008, the Paul campaign has proudly pointed out how its donor lists contain more active duty members of the military than Romney, more than the other guy – more than any other candidate. But as with all things Paul-related, his supporters believe the media has soft-peddled this fact. How to publicize it? Hold a march. The veterans and hundreds of supporters started at the north edge of the Washington mall, walked up 15th street, and marched in front of the White House. Some Iranian libertarian protesters kindly stopped so that the Paul supporters could hold their silent rally. They saluted, and held it for one second forevery suicide since Obama had taken office. They did it again for every soldier killed since then. Then they marched on. (Photo by David Weigel.)