Up Next: The Anti-Occupy Documentary

Steve Bannon stood outside the room where his Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated was screening, sending e-mails with his fun. The item he was trying to put in front of people: This trailer for his new movie about the Occupy movement.

“It’s a quick turnaround,” he says. “We’re putting it together in three, four months. We’ve got all kinds of underground, inside footage of the movement. It. Will. Shock people.”

The rest of the movie, after the expose, consists of interviews with former leftists – David Horowitz, Anita Montcrief, the former anarchist turned FBI informant Brandon Darby. He’d spent part of the previous night (an hour or so, come to think), arguing with the Occupiers who parked outside the hotel. “It wasn’t a very effective action,” he says.

The rest of the Occupy movement, though: Actually effective. “If you go back to August 4,” says Bannon, “all the discussion was about the debt, the deficit. Occupy begins, and BOOM, for months, it’s a discussion of income inequality. The mainstream media was complicit in this. That’s in the movie.”