These D**kheads in the Embassy

Argument: At the moment, Australian politics are more interesting than ours. In 2007, Kevin Rudd led the Labor Party to victory and became PM. In 2010, with another election coming, he was ousted by his own party and replaced by Julia Gillard, who then narrowly won election on her own, with Rudd in the consolation job of foreign minister. In the past few weeks, the rumor mill started belching again: Rudd might challenge the increasingly unpopular Gillard. And then this video was mysteriously leaked.

Days later, with the leaker’s identity not known, Rudd quit the ministry, flew from D.C. to Brisbane, and announced that he’d challenge Gillard after all. You can do these sorts of things in parliamentary systems; you can bring down your leader when the roads get icy, with no obligation to venerate him/her.