The Official President’s Day Thread, Brought to You by Chester A. Arthur

A cynic might say that President’s Day only closes federal offices and knocks a percentage off the cost of mattresses. It might be true. This blog is about one of those things, though, and before it becomes another seven-day-a-week primary coverage spot (through March 6, at least), it will reflect the actual pace of news.

How did headline writers avoid these problems when Yao Ming was shooting the lights out? By not being racist, I guess.

Ron Paul gets the New Yorker treatment. I always found it interesting that the magazine embedded with Bob Barr for an extremely long 2008 profile. Also, I don’t know if they’re in the print edition or not, but when I was in Nevada a New Yorker photog was shooting idyllic mountain images of Paul supporters.

The New York Post is still catching Occupiers behaving badly.