The Arizona Ad Report

TUCSON, Ariz. – I’m en route to Rick Santorum’s big morning rally in Tucson; Jon Justice, the pop culture-aware conservative talker down here, will be introducing him. And according to Justice, who does have a vested interest in success here, the Santorum crowd was building two hours before his scheduled arrival.

The crowd buzz was almost as interesting as the radio ad I heard between segments. Winning Our Future, the Adelson-funded pro-Gingrich Super PAC, bought 30 seconds for a commercial that listed the names of lame moderates foisted upon Republican voters. “Will we let the establishment pick our nominee again? They gave us Bob Dole.” BOOM. “They gave us John McCain.” BOOM. The ad ended with… no mention whatsoever of Newt Gingrich. If I wasn’t a Super PAC fanboy, I would have pegged it as a Santorum ad.

There were no Santorum ads. In a short stay at my hotel, I’d seen only one TV ad running during local news. It was a standard Winning Our Future hit on Santorum, attacking him for “voting against the debt ceiling five times” and “siding with Hillary Clinton on voting rights for felons.”