Texas is the Reason That the Candidacy’s Dead

This is not good for Newt Gingrich.

The state’s division over redistricting has forced a panel of U.S. district judges to push back the Texas primary. 

The date had already been taken off of the calendar for next month’s Super Tuesday primaries and pushed to April 3. The judges have decided that it is impossible to preserve the spring date and would like to hold the Texas primaries on May 22.

The former speaker’s comeback plan begins with a few wins on Super Tuesday and ramps up with a win in Texas. That was supposed to take place in the first week of April. Oh, sure, the long delay could allow Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum to mangle one another and set the table for Gingrich. Or Gingrich could run out of money before a chance to prove himself in Texas.

The political beneficiary of this: Probably Ted Cruz, the conservative editorialist-beloved Senate candidate who gets yet more time to cut into Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s lead.