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Super Bowl 2012: No Madonna Wardrobe Malfunctions, Great Offense, Good Defense.

It’s rare that the Super Bowl and a Madonna show are mentioned in the same sentence. But material girls and football fans everywhere are gathering for bone-crushing combat and pilates-powered performance Sunday, as the New England Patriots and the New York Giants battle it out with a halftime show by the pop diva.

Super Bowl 2012 will see the formidable Patriots offense led by quarterback Tom Brady facing a powerful Giants Defense. Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen has already been emailing friends and family asking them to pray for him in advance of the big game.

For her part, Madonna has already promised no wardrobe malfunctions, and pre-ordered pizza for her entourage. From the looks of the stage plan, Madge will likely be singing “Vogue” as part of the show. If there aren’t ballet dancers in Football pads involved, we will be very disappointed.