Severely Good Self-Promotion

Can we tie off the Romney “severely conservative” quote yet? The meme’s been fun, really it has, but after I got sent an ad from “AmericanLP,” allegedly scorching Romney over the quote in Michigan, I figured all the fun had been wrung out.

What’s AmericanLP? I didn’t know either, but its president has one of the less humble biographies you’ll read this week.

He is a Democratic media consultant who has trained US Senators, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Premiers, Members of Parliament and leaders around the world for 27 years. Walker is the author of 6 books, including the USA Today #1 Bestseller “Secret to Foolproof Presentations.” Walker is a regular contributor to Forbes and Reuters Insider Network. In 2009 Walker set the Guinness Record for most talk show appearances ever (24 hrs).

This is the best evidence I can find of the Guinness moment. This, by Ryan Lizza, is the last funny thing I’ve seen about “severely.”