Opening Act: What About the Motor City? This Was Supposed to Be the New World

LIVONIA, Mich. – It’s election day in Arizona and Michigan. In the first state, Mitt Romney is expected to lock down an easy, winner-take-all victory shortly after polls close; around half of all votes have been cast already by absentee ballot. In the second, Romney’s campaign believes it has built a substantial absentee lead, but has to avoid an election-day loss to Rick Santorum. When you hear the campaign pre-emptively attacking Democratic crossover voting, that’s the reason.

A big departure at the American Spectator. (Go and find Byron York’s great study of the magazine from around 10 years ago, about how it basically imploded with the founding editor starting a new, competing site. Ah, the American Prowler; I remember it well.)

The obvious point: The winner of the GOP nomination need not be the guy who “wins” the big primaries. (Imagine coverage of a football game that focused only on the number of touchdowns scored, without regard to overall points.)

Meredith Shiner sees Hill Republicans dreading the presidential primaries.