Opening Act: January 2012 Campaign Finance Reports Edition

Individual campaign accounts matter less than they ever have. These numbers don’t reflect the good that Super PACs have done to bail the campaigns out. Still: Here were the financial pictures of each campaign as they concluded an inconclusive January.

Mitt Romney: $7,677,629.02, with no debt.

Ron Paul: $1,644,814.60, with no debt.

Rick Santorum: $1,474,064.25, with $956,701.01 of debt.

Newt Gingrich: $1,788,589.59, with $1,726,085.38 of debt.

Stacey Singer profiles David Koch, with my favorite Weasel Graf of the day so far: “Journalists tend to describe the lanky MIT-trained chemical engineer and his brother Charles with the phrase ‘secretive oil billionaires.’”

ThinkProgress puts the Romney campaign’s fancy hotels on Pinterest.

Walter Shapiro explains why Romney might never mount a comeback.

Erika Fry profiles something called the “Slate Political Gabfest.” Sounds promising.