On the Radio

THE SKY – Time ran low, but I’m on a plane to Elko, Nevada now and have rediscovered my recordings of the campaign ads that played on Florida talk radio. First: A Winning Our Future PAC ad that played on election day, and began with some nostalgia about what voters had “heard” before the polls opened.

But did you hear what South Carolina heard? That this election is about fighting for the real America, and that only one candidate will look liberal elites and mainstream media squarely in the eye and tell them: You. Are. Wrong? That candidate is Newt Gingrich. He is loud and clear about this: The American people want America. Florida, now it’s your chance to let the world know that the real America still exists, and that we are fighting back. Vote for Newt Gingrich. Send the message. 2012 is not just another election. We’re finished with politically correct issue manipulation. Newt Gingrich will win this fight.

An ad paid for the Romney campaign played back quotes of conservative women who backed him.

The sanctity of life. The sacredness of marriage. The importance of the family. Founder of Women Affirming Life, Mary Ann Glendon, said: The pro-life movement has worked so hard for so many years, in the effort to change peoples’ hearts and minds on the life issue. Like Ronald Reagan, like Henry Hyde, Mitt Romney should be welcomed as a great succcess story for the pro-life movement.

This was a direct response to a Winning Our Future ad that played back old Romney quotes on abortion from the 1994 and 2002 campaigns, speeding up the tape as if Romney was a malfunctioning, abortion-validating robot.