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New Google Goggles Rumors as More Details Leak

The Google Goggles rumors continue, and the Terminator fans among us can barely stand it.

The best technological promise since laser tag and the power glove isn’t out yet, so nobody freak out—but tiny details about the “augmented reality” goggle prototypes continue to leak.

The latest: The glasses reportedly have a tiny camera with a flash and an area on the inside of a lense to display information, which can be accessed by plugging into a phone or other mobile device. And to scroll and click, you supposedly merely have to tilt your head slightly. Nervous ticks will be at an all time high!

It’s a long way from the T-800’s real-time scanning of objects in the viewer’s field of vision. But Google is likely getting the prototype ready so their techno eyewear can corner the market once the technology itself is more powerful. Just think—advertisements and product placements will be harder than ever to ignore!