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Amazing Video of Earth at Night Released by NASA

(In this handout provided by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a close-up view of a section of the International Space Station seen from NASA space shuttle Endeavour after the station and shuttle began their post-undocking relative separation May 29, 2011 in space.)

Photo by NASA via Getty Images

Caught on camera, mother Earth has quite the nightlife.

NASA has released incredible videos of the view from the International Space Station. Our planet may seem like a pale blue dot from space, but at night it lights up from cities, auroras, and even galaxies. While actually compilations of hundreds of still images, the sequences were captured at one frame per second, a close approximation of the true speed of the ISS in orbit.

City lights shine from the surface of the Earth and are joined by the ghostly aurora borealis, dozens of thunderstorms, even an awe-inspiring view of our own Milky Way galaxy peeking out above the horizon before sunrise. 

Apparently seeing the best light show on earth requires a ticket off the planet.