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Lane Garrison Domestic Dispute With Playmate Girlfriend Was About Funeral Invite

Fighting about a funeral seems like a terrible idea no matter who’s involved, but that’s what prompted a domestic abuse dispute between Lane Garrison and his playmate girlfriend.

The Prison Break star got a visit at his apartment from police this week, following a 911 call. The reason for the call? He was quarreling with girlfriend Ashley Mattingly, who is in the running for Playmate of the Year, about why Garrison got invited to her ex-boyfriend’s funeral and she didn’t.

TMZ reports that Mattingly was upset that Garrison went to Craig Rogers’ funeral, because she felt it was disrespectful to her. No one was arrested and no injuries were reported, but Garrison—who was released from real prison in 2009 after serving 40 months for vehicular manslaughter, drunk driving, and providing alcohol to a minor—reportedly suffered a panic attack and was taken to the hospital.

Having done the reality thing, Garrison apparently prefers playing a prisoner on TV.