Kid Rock Gives Crucial Support to Romney for 2002 Primary

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – The final Mitt Romney rally of the Michigan primary went off without a hitch. No empty seats to cut away too. No obvious gaffes. The candidate was introduced by a string of pols, starting with the “ethnic outreach vice chair” of the state GOP, who warned that Democrats were plannng to vote for Rick Santorum to slow down Romney’s momentum. Romney’s own speech was a Red Bull’d version of his stump, delivered as he paced in front of the curtains behind which hid Kid Rock.

“A few days ago,” said an excited Romney, “I drove out to the home of someone who lives in this area!” He told us how he scored Kid, then he brought him out. He played one song, Romney’s theme, “Born Free,” and then split, the soothing soundtrack of Bob Seger and KISS (who were from New York, but have some Detroit songs) replacing him.