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Josh Hamilton’s Addiction Goes Public…Again

Battling with addiction is an extremely difficult, and when you’re in the limelight, it can be even harder—just ask outfielder Josh Hamilton.

The Texas Ranger All-Star player, who has been outspoken about his struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction, was drinking in a bar on Monday night in Dallas at Sherlock’s Pub & Grill, according to the Dallas Morning News.

His teammate Ian Kinsler even showed up for what seemed to be an attempt at bringing Hamilton home, but he was reportedly unsuccessful. It was the second alcohol relapse in three years—an earlier incident of excessive drinking occurred in 2009 in Arizona, forcing Hamilton to speak publicly about his addictions.

After being the number one draft pick in 1999, Hamilton missed seasons early in his career because of his alcoholism, but staged a big comeback. Hopefully his team and his family can keep him from having to stage another one.