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Jeremy Lin Craze Continues After the Knicks’ Tuesday Buzzer Beater

You know the buzz around Jeremy Lin isn’t going away any time soon when the New York Knicks star continues a winning streak by hitting a game-winning three pointer.  

That’s what the point guard did Tuesday night, bringing his team a 90-87 victory over the Toronto Raptors. The Harvard grad’s sudden rise in the headlines has been fueled by social media and stellar stats; in six starts, Lin has managed to tie the Knicks’ all-time team record for most consecutive games with over 20 points and seven assists.

But it doesn’t hurt that a narrative about being overlooked in a sport with few Asian players to begin with continues to interest fans and reporters—and landed the 23-year-old on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Add to that the fact that two men in California are already in a trademark battle over a growing social media vocabulary standout—“Linsanity”—and you’ve got a recipe for a Cinderella story that’s far from over. Stay close to the phone, Jeremy—Fruit of the Loom could call any minute.