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Chinese Microblog Leaks Manifest That Could Be Ipad 3 Shipping Schedule

(Jason Saucier waits in line to be the first customer for the iPad at the Apple Store at West Farms Mall in Farmington, Connecticut, on April 3, 2010.)

Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Best Buy cuts prices all the time, but the latest discount has Apple-philes all in a tizzy.

The store has begun offering $50 off all iPad 2 models, and some say that news—combined with a shipping manifest signaling that manufacturer Foxconn could have a big project underway—spells the release of iPad 3.

Apple Insider reports that the leaked shipping schedules posted on a Chinese microblogging site suggest deliveries in the U.S. no later than March 9, which fits with earlier rumors the new Apple tablet might be released next week. 

Get ready for some new damage to your wallet. Other documents posted online in China suggest the latest iPad might be as much as $80 more expensive than the last one, with the starting price of about $579.

Will the extra cash mean extra power and gadgets? Apple’s keeping its secrets as closely as possible. Patience, tech geeks …it’s almost here! Supposedly.