I’m Not Marco Rubio

If you had something better to do during CPAC – trust me, you only thought you did – you may have missed my tag-along with Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock, one of the candidates using the convention to build support for a possible giant-killing Senate race.

Mourdock reports on the Hill meetings—“they sent their chiefs of staff, which often happens”—and beelines over to the “radio row,” a gallery of talkers with widely varied markets and ratings. He passes right by Joe Miller, the guy who ran against Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in a 2010 primary, beat her, then lost when she ran as a write-in candidate. “Indiana has a sore loser law,” says Mourdock. “You can’t even get your votes counted as a write-in if you lose. So—“ he points to where Miller had been standing— “that will not happen.”

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