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Fearing Hijinks, Academy Aims to Curtail Sacha Baron Cohen Appearance at Oscars

Edgy and arguably hilarious character comedian Sacha Baron Cohen may make an appearance at the Oscars in character as the dictator from his upcoming film.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has denied reports that it revoked Sacha Baron Cohen’s tickets to the event after he and Paramount pictures refused to guarantee he would not show up in his Dictator costume and character. But representatives claim they do want know exactly what he plans, and that he is not welcome to use the red carpet as a staging area for any promotional stunts. 
The decision seems to put one more tally in the “old and stuffy” column for the ceremony, which now seems to be relying solely on 63-year-old comedian Billy Crystal to provide levity.

And considering it’s almost a foregone conclusion the best picture award will go to The Artist, a film about a talented performer stifled by dogmatic Hollywood conventions, they seem to have a pretty good grasp on irony too… NOT!.