Dick Cheney vs. the Archbishop

Annie Linksey reports on how gay marriage foes and endorsers are trying to move opinion in Maryland’s legislature. John Arovosis highlighted this, about a suburban Baltimore Republican who went from no to yes.

He also became the target of a last-minute lobby effort, and said his voice mail was full of messages from important people, including [Ken] Mehlman, [Michael] Bloomberg and an offer to talk with former Vice President Dick Cheney, whom Kach regards as a “great man.” All three are recognized for their support of gay rights issues.

On the other side: Cardinal-elect Edwin O’Brien. “The archbishop placed his calls from Rome,” reports Linksey, “where he is to be elevated to cardinal Saturday.” And this is why a 98-43 Democratic majority in the state Assembly struggles to pass the bill. Maryland’s Democratic supermajority is bolstered by white Catholics and black liberals, who broke off last time and defeated it. (The state Senate has a solid pro-legalization majority.) The campaign to win over the black liberals has actually been bolder than any attempt to divide Catholics from the incoming cardinal. Witness:

On second thought, that video might appeal most strongly to white bloggers.