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Colbert and Pelosi Spar Over Super PACs

(Presenter/TV personality Stephen Colbert and honoree/Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi on stage during the 2007 ‘Glamour Women of The Year’ award ceremony at Lincoln Center on November 5, 2007 in New York City.)

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

While the GOP candidates squabbled in Arizona, Nancy Pelosi and Stephen Colbert took on the very thing keeping some of their candidacies alive: Super PACs. 

As a guest on The Colbert Report, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made a pitch for the Disclose Act, which calls for corporate donors to stand by the ads they fund. She had earlier said she would never come on the show, but apparently changed her mind.

Colbert, whose Super PAC has raised over $1 million, chided the Democratic stalwart as having a “fetish for transparency.” 

During this election season Super PACs have spent over $60 million supporting various candidates, most notably through attack ads. 

Even the campaign of the president, who himself publicly railed against the Citizens United court decision that allowed for such large influxes of cash, recently succumbed to the need for Super PAC fundraising. Maybe Colbert can form a “in memoriam” Super Pac for President Obama’s policy on Super Pacs.