Candidate Wars: Tucson Edition

TUCSON, Ariz. – A parking lot of frustrated voters is a good petri dish for agit prop. As Rick Santorum supporters arrived, they were greeted by Ron Paul fans, who lined the sidewalk outside the Sabbar Shrine with their signs. One sported a sandwich board reading NOT HERE FOR RICK SANTORUM. Another passed out home-made shopping lists of reasons to never ever vote for Santorum.
IMG_5662 The Paul supporters crossed a line, though: One of them held up a sign telling readers to GOOGLE RICK SANTORUM. The joke (do I have to spell it out?) is that doing so will take you on a magical mystery tour of sexual terms. Ann Doherty, a Santorum backer, showed up ready to shame them.
IMG_5646 As Santorum gains support, you hear plenty of voters who only recently discovered him raging about what they had to look at when they researched him. “This isn’t somethin you’d show your grandmother!” said Doherty.