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Year of The Dragon Begins With Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations

The year of the dragon has begun. 

Asian communities around the globe are ringing in the Chinese Lunar New Year this week with parades, firecrackers, and parties, to celebrate the most auspicious animal sign of their zodiac calendar.

The dragon sign has long been associated with Chinese emperors and good luck, and people born under the dragon are supposed to be driven, unafraid of challenges and willing to take on risk. This passion can sometimes leave these go-getters unfulfilled and exhausted, however. John Lennon, Vladimir Putin, and Russell Crowe were all born during years of the dragon—the most recent of which was 2000. 

Each cycle different elemental versions of animal signs are celebrated, and this year the water dragon gets its turn. The water sign supposedly calms the dragons’ fiery disposition, making them open to the ideas of others. So if you’re a dragon, cash in on your good luck. If you’re not, maybe this is your year to collaborate with one.