“When Mitt Romney Invented Government-Run Health Care…’

The new ad from Newt’s Super PAC, Winning the Future, is the sort of thing that will make a Republican voter’s bile bubble up and come shooting out of every waiting oriface.

What’s really beautiful here is the clip of President Obama “death-hugging” Romney. I don’t think there was a single instance of Obama citing Romney to bring Republican votes over to health care reform. He made these comments, and his advisers made these comments, with the hope of weakening the candidate they feared the most. Put up the mission accomplished banner, because it worked.

Related reading: Amy Gardner on the efficacy and bankroll of Winning Our Future. Newt’s been scraping to get $2 million for his campaign, a multi-day online “money bomb.” Sheldon Adelson’s wife gave WOF $5 million in one day. Conveniently enough, this ad’s going up for $6 million in Florida.