The Limits of Hating Rich Guys

TAMPA, Fla. – Public Policy Polling is the only survey group that finds Newt Gingrich holding ground against Mitt Romney – still stuck behind him, but 7 digits where he once was trailing by 8. It looks… well, not good for him, but good enough to spin a closer election as a win. The internal numbers look much worse. Screen shot 2012-01-30 at 10.36.22 AM And: Screen shot 2012-01-30 at 10.36.32 AM The second question is a gimme. The first question: Who expected the number of people skittish about offshore money to make up less than a third of the electorate? Even in a Republican primary, it’s surprising. Gingrich’s lumpen populist approach, which did some good in South Carolina, needs an extra ingredient to really kick – a tiff with a debate moderator, something like that, or fresh Romney flubs on the “issue.”