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Samsung Is the Subject of EU Antitrust Inquiry

(Cardboard of Samsung Electronics’ smart phone ‘Galaxy SII’ are seen at a showroom of its headquarters in Seoul on January 27, 2012.)

Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

All’s fair in love and business, until the authorities step in. Samsung is feeling the corporate sting today in Europe, where the company’s battle with Apple for the hearts and minds of tablet consumers has resulted in an antitrust inquiry by the European Union.

EU watchdogs believe the South Korean company may be using lawsuits over 3G wireless technology to hinder competitors from selling their own products, including Apple. The company may not be giving other companies fair access to patents it holds on 3G, which is used in many mobile devices, even though it said it would do so in 1998.

The other bad news for Samsung? The company just lost a case in a German appeals court that will prevent sales of some versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, because it looks too much like the iPad. Hey, it could be worse, Samsung. At least you’re not trying to hawk the BlackBerry PlayBook.