SALEM, N.H. – Romney Country

SALEM, N.H. – We sought out a polling place here for two reasons. One: It’s on the Massachusetts border, one of the hubs of populous Hillsborough County, where Mitt Romney plans to destroy the competition. Two: It’s John Sununu’s hometown. Maybe the second factoid isn’t as relevant.

Marcy Nee, exiting the polls with her daughter, voted for Mitt Romney. “I like his social conservative positions,” she said. “He’s never flip-flopped on them.” (How I wish Romney’s strategists could have heard this.) It took her a while to decide, and she flirted with a Ron Paul vote, but decided that Romney was good enough.

Earl Kolb never flirted with Romney. Currently unemployed, living on Social Security disability, he’d campaigned for Paul “every day I could” and voted for him proudly. “He’s the only one who understands small government and the issues with fiat money,” he said. After voting he joined a throng of five Paul supporters, all with signs, one who kept his illuminated by a book light.