Ron Paul’s Callotomized* Messaging

CONCORD, N.H. – Ron Paul’s campaign headquarters, nestled in a pristine office park, is quite a bit different from the one I remember from 2008. That year, an open storefront welcomed voters off of main street and into a big, open room. This year, a secretary greets you upon entering the door; you have to wear a badge inside the building, to prove that you’re not playing for some other team. They have nothing to be afraid of. The Paul office is a model of professionalism; only the beards and vintage 2008 gear of some volunteers give the Paul people away. When I stopped by, the phone banks were manned by military veterans, making calls not far away from a photo of Paul in his Air Force days. And when I picked up one of the doorknob fliers volunteers are handing out, I noticed one issue missing. photo (55) Do you notice it? Foreign policy. It’s not on there. Paul is able to keep his hardcore America First base, part left-wing and part right-wing, psyched up while crafting a mainstream Tea Party message for everyone else. For evidence of how the first part of the coalition is staying active, see this video from Manchester last night. Notice the laser message beamed onto Citizens Bank. Barely audible in the background: The 2008 classic hip-hop track “Ron Paul for the Long Haul,” which was being blasted from a car speaker.   *Look it up.