Pentacostals Against Mitt

TAMPA, Fla. – Before Newt Gingrich arrived as his rally, the pastor of Revival Ministries led a short prayer.

“We thank for your hand upon your people,” said Dr. Rodney Howard Browne. “I pray that there will be a rising of every believer in this land that will not sit idly by and allow the killing of unborn babies, and allow Islam to take over this country.”

Who was this guy? He wasn’t actually obscure. A South African emigre who arrived in America (“with $300 in my pocket”), Browne is a well-known Pentacostal, with a long YouTube trail.

After the rally, he clarified that he wasn’t endorsing Gingrich, but he had problems with a Romney candidacy. Specifically – the guy belonged to a sort of cult. “I’m not saying it’s a cult,” he said. “It’s a fact that it started as a cult. But it’s morphed into something else.” The worry about an Islamic takeover, he said, was rooted in the headlines. “Down the road, tomorrow, they’re going to vote on whether to allow CAIR in school.”