Paul’s People: Iowa Edition

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – This is one of many primary and caucus states where Ron Paul’s massive, not-at-all-shrinking following will crowd rooms to hear him speak. In Iowa, though, the first state that’s ever looked winnable for Paul, the mood is especially joyful. photo (21) From Cedar Rapids, this was the scrum after Paul’s speech.
photo (22) Still in Cedar Rapids, Chris Kelly shows me the shirt he made after Obama won. photo (23) The palm card passed out at every event. photo (24) The Webbs and Barnes, a Virginia-Iowa family, show their spirit. From left to right: Elizabeth Webb (22), Alex Webb (23), Mary Allen Barnes (84), Olivia Barnes (18). This and the remaining pics are from Cedar Falls.
photo (25) I’ll give you a hint: Not Ted Nugent. photo (26) Eric, who prefers not to use his last name and “take all the credit,” shows off a production video for the personalizable RonPaulBrochure.com site he represents. Voters order their own fliers to mail out. “It’s not hidden, like a Super PAC,” he says. “It’s very transparent.”