Opening Act: T-1

DES MOINES – All six candidates cross the state today to max out the vote. Paul will “whistle-stop” from Des Moines to Davenport, over to Cedar Rapids, up to Mason City. (No love today for Jefferson County, the one area that went for him in the 2008 caucuses.) Romney’s bus is juggernaut-ing its way west from Davenport. Santorum is focusing on the Des Moines suburbs, which actually went for Huckabee in 2008; so is Rick Perry.

As I got breakfast in my hotel, I saw two ads play in succession. One: Restore Our Future, the Mitt Romney Super PAC, telling voters that Newt Gingrich was always “apologizing for mistakes.” That bastard!

Two: Romney’s own campaign, with Romney’s presidential voice, talking about how gosh-darn great America is.

And so Romney gets to destroy Gingrich with negative ads without personally running a negative campaign.

Glen Johnson reports on the very good narratives of the Perry campaign. You’d never know he was battling for fifth place!

Alex Altman salutes the Santorum “actually try and win Iowa” strategy.

Felicia Sonmez rides behind him. (I’d say “along,” but that implies a campaign bus or something. Also, people seem to laugh at Santorum/behind references.)