Opening Act: Kicking Tires

BOW, N.H. – I’ve lucked into a hotel full of Ron Paul supporters. Very nice people, with tempered optmism.
Mitt Romney, pro-draft protester.
Jonathan Martin’s reported follow-up on Rick Perry’s “not quitting” tweet is hilarious.

A source close to Perry said the Texas governor decided to make a stand in South Carolina because “he is not a quitter and really is the only true conservative in the race.”
“Records matter; start comparing,” the source said.
The source seems awfully happy!
Meanwhile, Barack Obama won around 98 percent of the Iowa Democratic caucuses; some token opposition came in college and urban counties, but not much anywhere else. It was roughly equivilent to the vote Bill Clinton got in 1996. Don’t worry: Pat Caddell will sell a column about the coming anti-Obama primary challenge anyway.