Opening Act: Huntsmentum

CONCORD, N.H. – Candidates are mostly criss-crossing vote-rich southern New Hampshire today. There’s a downside: In the hectic hours before polls open tomorrow, southern New Hampshire becomes a tourist trap with Massachusetts gawkers taking up space meant for New Hampshire deciders. Ever since 2008, when I noticed how many people in Barack Obama’s crowds were fans from elsewhere (who knew that they’d get a 50-state primary, and lots of chances to see him?) I’ve been skeptical of the overflow crowds south of Concord. And so Paul will spend the day at meetings of undecided voters (i.e., not mega-rallies), Santorum and Gingrich will spend it doing town hall meetings, Mitt Romney will hold frontrunner-friendly rallies, and Jon Huntsman will blitz cafes. photo (53) But, anyway:
John Dickerson reports on the tragic candidate humor deficit. (Obama’s never been funny, either.)
Jonathan Martin reports on the extremely realistic goals of Gingrich and Santorum in New Hampshire: Just scrape out a vote or two ahead of the other poor schmuck. Rosie Gray talks to an Occupier who (brace yourself) has a problem with a security guard.
(Photo: A banner hanging in front of the Occupy New Hampshire Primary camp in Manchester.)