Opening Act: Brad Miller

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – I’m sad to see Rep. Brad Miller, a smart liberal who was awfully good on banking issues, retiring due to North Carolina’s hyper-partisan redistricting. (Disclosure: Miller and I were on the same, victorious trivia team once in 2011.) The redistrict is designed to turn North Carolina, a 50-50 state in the last presidential election, into one that sends a 10-3 GOP-Democrat delegation to Congress.

The Tea Party Express announces a hot new tour, but doesn’t say where it’s going.

Spencer Ackerman takes on the left:

The attempt to kosherize “Israel Firster” is an ugly rationalization. It shouldn’t matter that the American Jewish right proliferates the term “anti-Israel.” The easiest way to lose a winnable argument is to get baited into using their tactics.

Duke Cunningham, still in jail, endorses Newt Gingrich.