Opening Act: 50 Delegates

ORLANDO, Fla. – Let’s pause to consider how unfair the primaries are. If Mitt Romney wins Florida today, he will win 50 of the 1,114 delegates he needs to become the Republican nominee. That’s it: Fifty. But if he wins, we will be told that the desparate campaigns of Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul are marking time until they accept Romney’s dominance. The stakes today are very high, but only because we’ve agreed that they’re high.

Josh Putman explains why the field is basically set. Bet you could still find a Jeb Bush acolyte explaining how to wrangle 1,114 with a late entry.

That one jerk who turned in bogus Gingrich ballot signatures keeps creating problems.

Patrick Caldwell on Newt’s first day.

Marin Cogan, on booty.