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Obama Nails Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at Apollo Theater Fundraiser

Herman Cain, your version of “Imagine” is OK, but let President Obama show you how it’s done. The commander-in-chief took some time during a fundraiser at New York’s famous Apollo Theater to croon a little Al Green to an audience that included … the reverend Al Green himself. 

When the president mentioned the soul legend was in attendance, he sang a snippet from Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together.” Obama then feigned surprise that the Sandman didn’t come to yank him off stage—a reference to Apollo mainstay Howard Sims who would comically usher failed acts back behind the curtain. 

This may be the most musical presidential campaign in recent history. The question is, Mitt Romney, what’s in YOUR repertoire? “Let’s Stay Together” is a pretty good slogan, and it sounds like Obama has the reverend’s permission to use it.