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China: Now Also Making New Dinosaurs

You may not be able to pronounce it, but China’s got a new dinosaur.

Yueosaurus Tiantaiensis, named for the southwestern region where it was discovered 13 years ago during the construction of a new highway, is reportedly a previously unknown species.

Part of the ornithischia (“bird-hipped”) group of dinosaurs, the creature was likely a herbivore and roamed ancient China during the Cretaceous period around 100 million years ago. Sporting a ducklike beak, the Yueosaurus Tiantaiensis was 1.5 meters long, a little less than 1 meter high and ran on two legs.

It probably won’t be long before some new dinosaur toys hit the market for the droves of little enthusiasts out there. Of course, a with a title like that, a nickname like “T-Rex” may be in order first.