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NBC’s Fear Factor Not Sure if it Actually Wants To Make Contestants Drink Donkey Semen

Update: Turns out NBC heads’ taste for donkey semen-drinking hasn’t held up afterall. As The New York Times notes, the network’s episode schedule no longer features the episode in which the rumored event occurs. Those seeking gross Fear Factor stunts should search elsewhere, unless they missed last week’s episode, which is now being repeated.

Original post Jan. 27 4:08 p.m.: Illustrating NBC executive’s iron grasp of taste and quality in television programming, Fear Factor producers and network brass have been fiercely debating airing a stunt featuring contestants drinking donkey semen on an upcoming episode.
TMZ reports that the stunt, which was shot last summer, involved teams drinking a full glass of donkey spunk with a glass of urine as a chaser. NBC execs held multiple powwows leading up to the air date before eventually giving Fear Factor producers the go ahead.
So if you’re tired of being disgusted by Keeping Up With the Kardashians and would like to be grossed out by something else, you can treat yourself to Fear Factor this Monday evening.