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Navy’s SEAL Team 6 Frees Aid Workers in Somalia

(The silhouettes of armed men, some pirates and some homegrown security forces, appear on the horizon in the early morning in the semi-desertic plains near the central Somalia town of Galkayo on August 18, 2010.)

Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images

How long until they start releasing action figures and major motion pictures for SEAL Team 6?

The same group of commandos who killed Osama Bin Laden last year was conducting a daring raid that killed Somali pirate captors and saved an American aid worker just as President Obama was headed to give his State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

The president, who reportedly pointed at Defense Secretary Leon Panetta as he headed to the podium and said “good job tonight,” had authorized the operation Monday.

Somali pirates captured American Jessica Buchanan and a Danish aid worker on Oct. 25 near the central Somalia town of Galkayo—at the edge the country’s notoriously dangerous pirate territory. Early Wednesday morning, American commandos landed helicopters in the area and a firefight erupted. Nine pirates were killed and several more were reportedly captured.

Both aid workers were safe and in good condition, according to a United Nations official.