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Mitt Romney’s “Vulture Capitalism” at Bain Capital

Mitt Romney’s Bain may become Mitt Romney’s bane.

The former Massachusetts governor has been introducing a new narrative into his speeches: that he is defending of free enterprise against a destructive host of Obama and his and the president’s policy supporters. But Romney’s running into some rebellion on that front from members in his own party.

Texas Governor Rick Perry leveled the accusation this week that Romney’s time at Bain Capital saw the candidate engaging in what Perry called “vulture capitalism.” Newt Gingrich’s supporters are running ads in South Carolina saying the company destroyed whole communities. And even Sarah Palin, speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, said the criticisms of Romney’s CEO days were fair.


Are Republicans picking up on Occupy protesters’ populist anger to take down one of their own? Romney and his campaign are already firing back, saying far from being a “corporate raider,” the candidate’s time at Bain saw him creating jobs.

Another argument being put forth by Romney supporters: President Obama did the same thing with General Motors. Of course, the difference is that Obama didn’t make $420 million for himself, his company, and Goldman Sachs.

Whatever the case, Romney’s connection with Bain Capital looks like it may become a hot issue going into the next few primaries.