Mitt Gets Mic-Checked, Ineffectively

CLIVE, Iowa – Mitt Romney boiled down his stump speech to 12 minutes for a final pre-caucus night rally in this Des Moines suburb. It could have been shorter, but halfway through, he was interrupted by a “MIC CHECK!”
photo (27) “Okay, ha ha!” said the candidate, as supporters chanted “MITT! MITT!” They didn’t chant long enough; they started in again with the start of a talk about the “99%.” “I’d like to go back to talking about the Constitution,” said Romney. “The 99% isn’t in the Constitution!” yelled an Occupier. “Ha, ha!” said Romney, waiting for this to blow over. “Isn’t it great that we live in a country where you can express yourself?” He toyed with the protesters: “When Obama comes here, maybe WE can make that same noise, about his policies!”