Meet the Occupiers, Again

TILTON, N.H – Generally speaking, Iowa is very large and isolated. New Hampshire is small and close to big media markets. A would-be mic-checker from, say, Iowa City has to drive two hours to nail a candidate in Des Moines, and if he’s lucky, maybe some Minnesotans have driven into town. It’s easier here. Boston and its suburbs are an hour from Manchester, and more like 30 minutes from some border towns. Boston’s Occupy movement was shut down, so the activists have time on their hands. They can assist New Hampshire Occupiers, like Allyn Hayward and Pete Hammersmith, who drove over to Santorum’s event today to show off their signs.
photo (36) Later, more Occupiers joined them to “mic check” Santorum in the Tilton diner – a moment I missed, but one that candidates are getting increasingly immune to.