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Michele Bachmann Bows Out, Antarctic Marine Life Discoveries, and the iPhone Goes to China

Late night hosts, comedians, and a lot of political reporters are likely mourning the loss of the Michele Bachmann campaign today. Following a disappointing 5 percent showing in the Iowa caucus Tuesday, the Minnesota Congresswoman announced this morning that she is suspending her campaign for the Republican nomination for president.

“I look forward to the next chapter in God’s plan for me,” she said. “He has one for each of us, you know.”

The speech was full of Bachmann’s usual mantras: socialism, God, freedom, Obamacare. Jessica Grose breaks down the numbers.

In the science world, new photos were released showing the discovery of a whole new world of creatures living around deep-sea vents in the Antarctic.

Ghostly crabs and octopi, as well as predatory sea stars and more, surprised scientists, as did the absence of marine life often found near similar vents in the world’s other oceans. Stunning photos showed crabs—which apparently hold a veritable “garden of bacteria” on their chests for sustenance—in huge piles along the ocean floor.

Along with the new year comes a host of Apple news and rumors.

The tech giant announced today it would be launching its iPhone 4S in China and a whopping 21 other countries.

The fastest iPhone rollout ever is likely in part due to what CEO Tim Cook described as an “off the charts” response from the Chinese to the company’s products. 

Also in Apple news, iPad 3 rumors are heating up over speculation that the company may release a new tablet either at this month’s MacWorld conference. Another possible date: the late Steve Jobs’ Birthday, Feb. 24.