“I Like Being Able to Fire People”

NASHUA, N.H. – So far I only see the DNC’s clip of Mitt Romney speaking to a local Chamber of Commerce. Even the truncated version makes his point clear: Just as he turned around businesses by cutting deadweight, he will turn around the government by cutting deadweight.

That was the context. He was asked what his business experience taught him about how to fix government; he chose this way to make an old, old point about letting government workers go or deciding not to replace him. (He often talks about the bloat in the Defense Department, and how many more people now work on how much less procurement. Implication: They’ve got to go.)


While we’re on the “let’s all ask what the hell the frontrunner is thinking” train, I’m seeing that this heckler jab from Chris Christie is being interpreted as a blow job joke.

“Something’s gonna go down tonight,” said Christie, “but it ain’t gonna be jobs, sweetheart!” I was in the room, and I can honestly say that the fellatial joke didn’t occur to me at all. When Christie said this, cops were making their way to two protesters – it sounded like the “something” was just the Occupy movement, as in “you’re gonna go down.” But now that I think about it…