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Honey Badger Video Creator May Get His Own TV Show

Honey badger just takes what it wants, and that includes television deals.

Quirky narrator Randall, whose viral video of honey badger documentary footage on YouTube has garnered over 33 million views, is in talks with Six Eleven Media for an animated/live action TV show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

With a working title of “Honey Badger U,” the show will center around Randall as a college professor of life sciences, his students, and of course the school’s mascot: a honey badger.

While there’s already a honey badger book, the chances of the show getting picked up by networks maybe slim. As the Washington Post notes, Internet meme shows like Sh-t My Dad Says haven’t done so well in front of a mass-market audience.

Still, any network executive should note that the honey badger really is pretty badass.