“He Doesn’t Recall Every Single One of Them”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jonathan Karl has the script, more or less, of the ad Newt Gingrich is running to chase the debate. The key, new part:

Romney said his investments in Fannie and Freddie were in a blind trust.

But, as reported in the National Journal,Romney earned tens of thousands of dollars from investments NOT in a blind trust.

Romney denied seeing a false ad his campaign used to attack Newt Gingrich.

But Romney’s own campaign paid for the ad…and Romney’s own voice is on thead approving its false content.

After the debate last night, reporters asked Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom: So, does Romney watch every one of the ads that ends with “and I approve this message?”

“He does,” said Ferhnstrom, “and we’ve had about 85 web videos, radio ads and TV spots that have been up and running, which he has reviewed and approved. He doesn’t recall every single one of them.”

Mea culpa: He forgot! But like everything Fred Thompson said last night, less-than-adroitly arguing that Newt should be the nominee, it feels like more evidence that a dissemble-happy Romney campaign would be well-equipped for the general election. Use Obama-quoting-McCain in an ad, without context? You’re trying to bait the media. Forget what your candidate is running on TV? Mistakes are made.