Five Minutes in Jacksonville and I Meet Terry Jones

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On the way in to CNN’s final debate – which warm-up acts in the debate hall assure us will be HISTORIC – I went in the wrong direction. Instead of the media center, I walked to the debate center itself, where there was nothing to see but… oh, hey, Pastor Terry Jones, the would-be-Koran-burner!
photo (25) Members of Jones’s church shouted slogans – “Ban same sex marriage! No sharia law!” – which reminded me that he’s actually running a stunt presidential campaign. The first people who’ve ever cared about this were on that lawn, students who wanted Jones to get the hell out of there. “Go screw one of your pigs!” I heard. Also: “You’re fat and ugly!” Not exactly zingers, not until an Arab student walked right in front of jones and sarcastically shouted “ALLAHU AKBAR!” Video here, complete with blindingly bright camera lights.