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Doomsday Clock Moved a Minute Closer to Midnight

It’s one minute closer to midnight … and turning into a pumpkin is the least of humanity’s problems.

Scientists this week moved the Doomsday clock a minute closer to 12. First wound up in 1947, the symbolic clock was created to warn the world of nuclear weapon proliferation. It started at seven minutes to midnight, and was moved to three minutes till as the United States and Soviet Union entered their long and dangerous game of nuclear chicken. The year 1991 was the clock’s most optimistic time—with the minute hand sitting 17 minutes away from midnight.

The reason for losing time in 2012? It’s not the Mayan calendar. The move from six to five minutes till midnight reflects the world’s lack of progress on fighting climate change, and new states pursuing nuclear weapons. Iran, Turkey, we’re looking at you. Don’t blow it.